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SMSChat vs. Nokia Conversation

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I’ve been wanting a threaded chat client for the Series 60 OS ever since I moved away from the Treo platform. Nokia finally woke up and decided to start their own client within their Beta Labs, and after trying it, I went out and looked for an alternative that I could compare it to, and that’s how I found SMSChat. I did look at ThreadSMS, but I wasn’t able to get the trial to work, and did not feel inclined to buy it just to try it out, but it looks roughly similar.

First, SMS Chat is a decent application which is visually appealing once you have the chat threads loaded. Since it is clear what this app needs to do (namely show SMS as chat threads), let me concentrate on the downsides:

1) It doesn’t load as a system app, so unless you load it manually, it won’t load
2) You don’t have access to all the contacts that you’re currently threading with in the main menu, only the 5 or so most recent ones, making it an annoying experience for those threads that are older.
3) There is an inbox within the application that is unnecessary, and adds to the number of clicks you have to do if you have several messages.
4) It doesn’t include MMS

before jumping to my conclusion on SMSchat, though, let me touch upon Nokia’s app.

Nokia’s Conversation, is currently a work in progress, but that said, there are some design flaws which in the end have made me have to uninstall it for the time being:

1) For some odd reason, this application causes the sending of SMS to fail more often than usual requiring a manual SEND command within the Outbox. This is time consuming and unreliable.

2) You still need to open a message completely to mark it as read, you should be able to do that just by mousing over it as you can ins SMSChat

3) You should be able to read the whole message in one bubble as opposed to having to wait for it to auto scroll or opening it. SMSchat does this right by showing the whole message.

However, Nokia does show you all the messages from every user, not just the most recent ones. Unfortunately, the app is still too separate from the default messaging app; being a Nokia app, I don’t understand why the can’t just fully replace the default app.

In conclusion, I’ve uninstalled the Nokia app and am using the SMSChat for the time being. It is more stable and sends all my messages without a manual push on my E61i and it has a more visually appealing UI for the chat threads. It isn’t perfect though, and hopefully Nokia will launch a fully integrated solution soon enough that will become the new default for their SMS messaging solution.

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