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Call of Duty 4 thoughts (Xbox 360)

November 11, 2007 by · 6 Comments 

After recently having finished Halo 3, I needed to focus on the next big ‘title’ of the year, Call of Duty 4. Conveniently, I finished Halo 3 a day before giving me ample time to get un-used to having a cover system from my very enjoyable days of playing Rainbow Six. It is probably a good thing though, because disappointingly, COD4 does not have a cover system, and therein lies the problem with this game.

Before I discovered Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty 3 was one of my favorite games. The controls were limited in terms of manipulating your weapons (mostly because they were WWII weaponry, so no silencers, etc), but you also didn’t have a cover system or the ability to lead your troops. Once you experienced these, COD3 seemed like an old-school game… so my hopes were that COD 4 would incorporate many next-gen type features, while making a better campaign story than Rainbow Six. The results were mixed:

1) The game play is almost identical to that of Call of Duty 3, in my opinion, but with modern weaponry. Yes, things aren’t identical in terms of buttons and options, but that’s mostly because you have more weapons with more features, but the gist of it is the same.

2) You don’t have a way of commanding the officers that are with you to engage the enemy in ways that you would like (ala Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six). No telling them to place a charge, or use a flash bang, or use a frag grenade etc.

3) Field movements, such as rappelling, are done for you, rather than giving you the option of going down at your pace, or inverting and taking care of enemies while on the ropes.

4) Although I haven’t been able to completely verify this, sometimes it seems that unless you keep moving, people you have killed keep coming out. By this I mean that certain areas in the campaign have more people coming out of buildings if you don’t move forward, but as soon as you move forward and take care of the ones there, no more come out.

5) Explosives damage doesn’t seem realistic. Grenades have very little blast radius and RPGs have inconsistent results. For example, grenades are almost useless unless in very close quarters, and RPGs are capable of destroying tanks at a distance, but when shooting at a room full of guys.. they still come out!!! Frustrating! I’m currently stuck in a segment of the game where you are fighting in a TV station and 4 guys are in a room and I, knowing they are there, will shoot 3 RPG rounds into the room, which would kill anyone inside and obliterate the interior.. in the game? They still come out. Frustrating to say the least.

In terms of the graphics… this game is incredible. The game begins with a movie where you see the geo-political context you are going to start playing in. Then, the first mission is on a tanker on the high seas, and approaching the boat is just amazing. It looks and feels like you’re there. While inside the boat, you feel like the details of fighting in boat were well thought out.

The Xbox live multiplayer experience is a cross between Ghost Recon’s and COD3, so definitively an improvement over COD3’s, but I haven’t played it enough to draw any major conclusions about it.

In conclusion, while the graphics and story line of the campaign are amazing… I must say I still feel like I’m playing COD3 in some ways, just reset in modern day times with modern weaponry. I don’t feel like they ‘learned’ from other major FPS games out there and added those features to the movement engine. However, I do recommend this game, just don’t get your hopes up that it will replace Rainbow Six as the king of FPS games.

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