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Why I didn’t buy an iPhone and why I’m sticking with my E61i for now…

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I admit. I’m a sucker for Apple gear. It’s pretty, it works, and it’s well thought out. Needless to say, the iPhone drew my attention since its announcement, and this past Friday, it was finally released here in the UK (Even though the USA has had it for a while). I’m really tempted to get it. Really. However, I just can’t bring myself to move away from my Nokia E61i. The more I try and justify the transition, the more issues I come up with why I shouldn’t.. So, for your amusement, I’ve listed the reasons why I can’t switch below as a daily reminder to myself not to buy it.

What I’d give up if I moved from my E61i to an iPhone (not in any order of importance):

1) GizmoProject & Truphone calls to my parents (long distance) over WiFi (without having to lug my computer around).

2) GPS enabled maps via Nokia Maps, tom tom, or Google Maps + my trusty, and locally stored AZ Maps

3) QR code reader (Kaywa)

4) Video recording capabilities don’t exist on the iPhone

5) 3G data connectivity (none for the iPhone here in Europe)

6) Ability to connect my laptop to 3G via the phone’s Bluetooth connection

7) A full physical qwerty keyboard that is more reliable than a touchscreen one

8 ) A more powerful email application (profimail)

9) My installed english-german dictionary (for when I travel), no need to access the web to look for a word

10) The ability to SSH into my server via Putty for Symbian without having to jailbreak the phone and invalidate the warranty.

11) T-Mobile’s cheaper and faster unlimited data (vs AT&T in the USA or O2 in the UK)

12) Video calling doesn’t exist on the iPhone

13) The ability to swap batteries if I need to; can’t do that with the iPhone

14) I’d lose Infra Red

15) I need a more rugged device that can stand multiple drops, not the iPhone

16) I’d lose the ability to synchronize the phone via bluetooth

17) I’d lose the ability to read the phone’s memory via bluetooth

18) Multiple people text sending isn’t supported on the iPhone

19) Copy and Paste text isn’t possible on the iPhone

20) No MMS on the iPhone!!!

21) Although not a technical reason, I’d have to pay a termination charge to my current carrier to pay out my contract before switching…

So there you have it. 21 very strong reasons for me not to get it. Now all I need to do is hold out on temptation.


Ok, I caved in halfway.. I bought an iPod touch. Review coming soon.

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