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Nokia E90 Browsing capabilities are just too slow…

December 11, 2007 by · 28 Comments 

This isn’t a formal review per se, just a quick note preceding the actual review. However, I just want to make a note that even using the latest firmware, the browsing experience on the E90 is just dreadfully slow (regardless of whether you are using WiFi or 3G). I think it has to do more with the rendering than the actual pipe leading into it because my iPod Touch on the same network rendered the same page MUCH FASTER. This is frankly embarrassing for a device as expensive and as powerful as the E90.

It doesn’t end there. I not only tried the built-in browser (with Images only / no flash), but also the Opera Mobile (not Opera Mini, that’s a different story) browser and tried to access Painfully slow. The iPod Touch? Acceptable for a mobile device. Not only that, but if you tried scrolling while it was still loading, the iPod would let you, but the E90 was sort of sporadically freezing while it loaded, thus you had to sit and wait. Argh…

Very very disappointed with Symbian’s flagship device at this point on the browsing front, even if many other features are outstanding, this is a bad mark on its record.

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