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Old Skool Swatch Watches bring back memories…

December 11, 2007 by · 7 Comments 

We all remember our first watch… probably because we very much wanted one and our parents finally caved in, or perhaps because it made you feel grown up and important… You actually had to keep time and a schedule.

For most of us my age and thereabouts, our first watch was a Swatch. I remember mine vividly (the one in the picture above). It went through tons of hard knocks, adventures, and other things kids do. I think it’s probably kicking around somewhere.

You can imagine, then, all the memories that came rushing back when I found a website called Squiggly that specializes in selling old skool Swatch watches from pretty much all the years, including the one I had back in the day (in case you’re curious, this is the link to it). It is amazing that some of the really old ones are fetching 300 Euros, probably far more than they cost in those days, and perhaps a nice margin on anyone that managed to keep one of theirs in mint condition. Anyway, if you really have some nostalgia, check out their site, and perhaps you’ll pick one up and relive all your crazy adventures all over again.

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