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Thoughts on Army of Two [Xbox 360]

March 17, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Army of Two

I’m always on the lookout for good Co-op games to play on the ‘Box’. So far, as many of you know, I’ve been enamored with Rainbow Six Vegas as the number one in this category, and with part 2 coming out soon, I’m ecstatic to see what will be new. To tie me over, I have tried Kane & Lynch, Conflict: Denied Ops, and others with mixed results.

However, one game that I have been waiting for in spite of Rainbow Six, was Army of Two. Mainly because the purpose of this game IS co-op play.

Let me tell you, in that regard, it doesn’t disappoint. It has the whole two player thing down pat. You have to work together to finish missions, you can give each other feedback, you often have to split jobs, parachute together, walk together behind a shield, or fight back to back. Excellent experience.

Although the cover system is not as good as Rainbow’s it does do some auto-cover which works well enough. The graphics are amazing and so are the story lines (very realistic) as well as the physics of character interaction (objects not as much though in terms of damage).

This game is fun. There are things that could make it better.. for example, because you ‘make money’ and ‘buy’ weapons, they have limited your ability to pick up weapons from dead enemies. Which sucks. Instead, dead enemies drop ammo boost packs which you can pick up. However, these are weird because they don’t refill your guns uniformly, they’ll either pick up your primary or secondary guns. Since there is no way to tell ahead of time, you can’t help your team mate by telling him which one you should pick up and which one he should pick up. Weird.

From a simulation and tactics perspective this game is also innovative in that it adds an element called ‘Aggro’ whereby the more noise you make (shooting) the more attention the bad guys will give you. This helps you coordinate efforts with your team mate so that one person draws the attention, and the other one can snipe pesky enemies. For some reason though, as cool as aggro is, it seems Rainbow six has a better AI ‘feeling’ during Terrorist Hunts (not during other aspects of the game).

The story line is another thing worth noting. This is the first game that I see actually referring to real countries and events. For good or bad, it makes you at least feel ‘grounded’ in the story.

All in all, this game is my favorite contender to the Rainbow Six throne. I have yet to try online play, but offline, this is up there as one of my faves.

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