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iPhone iCal Synch Bug Fix – Events made in iPhone don’t show up in iCal

March 26, 2008 by · 97 Comments 

Last night I input several items into my iPhone’s calendar but they failed to show up on my iCal Calendar. They were still there on the iPhone, but just didn’t show on iCal. Weird.

Upon further investigation, what seems to be the problem is an issue associated with the upgrade from Tiger to Leopard (back when I did it). The solution involves backing up your calendars and then deleting everything associated with iCal and starting from fresh. After this, my problems have gone away.

Specifically, you want to go to iCal, select all your calendars individually and export them into ics files on your desktop. This will be your backup.

Then go to your UserID/Library/ and delete the folder called Calendars.
Then go to your UserID/Application Support/ and delete the folder called iCal.

When you restart iCal, you will see two default calendars if you did this right. One called work and one called home.

You then want to re-import your saved calendars from your desktop.

When you re-plug in your iPhone you will need to give priority to iTunes to wipe your phone (so you will lose anything that was not imported previously, there is no way around this). To do this, go to tab in your iPhone within iTunes that lets you select which calendars get synched. At the very bottom, there will be a series of checkboxes that say that by clicking them, iTunes will overwrite the iPhone. Select the Calendars one.

That should square things away.

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