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How to run Windows on your Mac on the cheap / Como usar Windows en tu Mac sin mucho gasto

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Windows VistaImage from WikipediaSo you need Windows on your Mac, but you don’t want to shell out big bucks on a VMWare-type solution plus an expensive Windows install plus software? Well, here is my setup, should you want to replicate it. It is about as cheap as it gets.

First, you will be using Bootcamp from Apple since it is free:

Then, you will need to buy an OEM version of Windows Vista. I would buy the OEM Version of Home Premium since it is the cheapest without sacrificing the core functionality of Vista.

However, consider two things:

1) Make sure that whatever software it is you want to buy for your Win Mac works on Vista, or otherwise, get Windows XP OEM.

2) You should be aware that there are two main downsides to the OEM version of any Windows OS. The first is that you’ll get no tech support (if you actually call MSFT), and two, you will not be able to change the hardware configuration of your Mac (not a problem if you’re on a laptop since most people don’t generally mod their laptop) because you only get one activation. For more info on this subject go here:,1895,2087792,00.asp
Taking that into account, here is the link to the OEM product.

After that, consider getting MSFT Office if you can get it at a discount, but otherwise, Open Office is free and works just as well as MSFT office for most things, you just have to make sure you save files in MSFT office format. You will also need to get an anti-virus.

The link to Open Office is here:

— Follow the link below for the ‘En Espanyol’ Version—

Esta es la solución:

Usarían Bootcamp de Apple para habilitar el uso de dos sistemas operativos con costo minimo (comprar el sistema operativo nada mas):

Después tienen que comprarse una versión de Windows Vista (la más reciente). Yo me compraria la version OEM de Vista Home Premium porque es la mas barata. PERO, dos cosas:

1) Asegúrense que el software que necesiten funcione en Vista, o sino tendrán que comprarse Windows XP (obsoleto hoy en dia).
2) Tienen que saber que al usar la versión OEM, no podrán hacer ningun cambio a su compu al nivel de Hardware y tampoco tendrán Suporte Técnico de Microsoft (por eso es mas barata la version OEM). Para mas información sobre esto:,1895,2087792,00.asp

Ya tomando eso en consideración, este es el link (Amazon UK, pero otras tiendas lo tienen):

Despues de eso, quizas pueden comprarse el Microsoft Office si encuentran un descuento en el software, o sino hay Open Office que es gratis (pero como iWork en la Apple, tienen que exportar documentos al estándar Microsoft como una accion adicional). Tambien tendran que considerar un Antivirus si planean usar Windows para ver correos o otras cosas en el futuro.

Open Office es la version gratis de MSFT Office que les mencione arriba:

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