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The Quest for the Next Great Bluetooth Headset

April 8, 2008 by · 2 Comments 


I have an Aliph Jawbone right now. It works well, but is quite difficult for me to use with glasses (it regularly falls out of my ear and hangs loosely requiring constant fiddling). In addition, although the sound quality is good when reducing noise, it isn’t as rich or smooth as it could be. For my review of the Aliph Jawbone headset go here.

Jawbone Image

Thus, the seasonal quest for the next great Bluetooth headset arises. I have done my cursory check of the headsets that draw my attention, and my research has led me to one headset that I want to try out above all others. The BlueAnt Z9. I will keep you posted on my testing when I actually get one, but in the meantime, here is a review that I read about it that made me want to consider it:

Another headset that looks pretty cool and hot right now, but I haven’t read enough reviews to get a true feel for is the Plantronics 925:

And lastly, the one that seems to be pretty reliable in reviews is the Plantronics Voyage 520:,2817,2216474,00.asp

If you have any of these, let me know your thoughts.

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