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BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset Review: First Thoughts

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The BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset was the headset I decided to go with after all. As you may recall in my previous posting, I have been slowly becoming unhappy with my first gen Jawbone headset due to comfort reasons. I decided,  therefore, to consider alternatives (the Jawbone 2 will come out soon, see link at bottom, but until then), and the BlueAnt Z9 seemed to have the best overall reviews, price, and size of those I was considering. This post is really only about my initial thoughts, for I have only used it for a day, but so far my experience has been stellar.

First of all, and most importantly, it seems sound quality, both incoming and outgoing is good. On the noise reduction ‘max’ setting, the other party did hear some weird white noise from time to time, but overall the experience was clear regardless of walking on a busy sidewalk. Volume was loud enough as well, but I was not able to control volume via my handset controls, I had to use the headsets controls.

Reception: I have not been able to finalize my tests on this matter, but from ‘experience’ the reception seems above average. I was able to do several common things (put the phone in my pocket) without noticing a change in the sound quality. More testing to come.

Comfort: Although the earpiece itself isn’t the softest thing in the world it does help keep the headset firmly in your ear, and because of the light weight, I forgot I had the headset in my ear after a bit. Not bad.

Battery Life: More testing to come, but on the charging end, the headset uses a proprietary plug (annoying, but no different than the Jawbone). However the box does come with a USB connector so you can charge and update the firmware (more later) straight from your PC.

Construction/Perceived Quality: The overall headset looks and feels good. However, the thing you put over your ear (earhook for lack of a better word) is flimsy, and looks like it can be easily broken. I’m tempted to remove it entirely since I think I can keep the headset in my ear without it. I’ll update this if I do.

Additional: I still need to fully test all of the features this headset has. It has the ability to do many things straight from the multi-function button (conference call, etc). However, I also need to upgrade the firmware from 3.2 to the latest 3.4. This is one of the very FEW headsets that I have seen that will allow you to update the firmware. This is great for many headsets ship with bugs that are never to be corrected, expecting consumers to merely replace it with a new one. BlueAnt’s position on this makes me feel this is a company that cares about its customers (they are Aussie’s… good peeps. Disclaimer: I like their Tim Tams).

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