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Quick update on the BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset

April 27, 2008 by · 22 Comments 


I’ve been using the Z9 long enough to draw some final conclusions:

1) The headset is not comfortable for long periods of time IN your ear. The plastic earloop compresses the back of your ear adding to the pain.
2) The power plug seems like it’s a bit loose inside, but it works.. can’t quite figure out if the extra play is poor quality or how it is supposed to operate.
3) On the iPhone, I cannot control the volume with the phone’s volume control. With the Jawbone I could, and this is driving me nuts.
4) Call quality is very good.
5) The fact that the button commands are non-standard (to end a call, it’s not a quick tap like all others, you have to hold for a while, a quick tap changes the noise cancellation mode) is irritating.

All in all, though, and def. for the price, I like this headset and can recommend it as long as you’re willing to take it off between uses and don’t have conversations in excess of 30 min. (as long as I could stand to use it comfortably).

For my first thoughts on this headset, go here:

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