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How Apple stole my heart

May 13, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Yes, the rumors are true. It began with an iPhone in late 2007, and slowly I have been brought into the light. After dropping by Blackberry 8830 it became easier to drop other devices: my Dell Laptop, my Dell Workstations, my Linksys NAS device and my DVR.
I now own an 8GB iPhone, a 80GB Mac Book Air (MBA), a 250GB Apple TV, and, my most recent purchase, a 1TB Time Capsule. Call me silly, call me crazy, call me what you will, I like easy, I like simple, and Apple products are just that. Yes I jailbroke my iPhone and am doing things on it that Apple probably never originally planned. Yes, I hacked my Apple TV by adding a larger hard drive and a few other improvements. But, in the end, every one of those devices is just easy to setup and easy to use, and does exactly what you want and exactly what you expect. No awkward crashes, or blue screens, just pure old simple computing. 
Let me give you an example of simple: I purchased a few of my favorite episodes of a particular TV Show on my Apple TV. I saw a few of the episodes, but had to stop short. I powered up my laptop to do some work, iTunes on my MBA downloaded all the new episodes from the Apple TV quietly and in the background. Later on that night I set my iPhone to charge and sync with my MBA’s iTunes library. A few days later while I was on the bus I got a chance to finish watching that episode I had to cut short. I pulled out my iPhone, half-expecting to spend a few minutes finding the exact spot where I had paused it on my Apple TV, but guess where it started when I selected it? You’re wrong, it did NOT start at the beginning, it started exactly where I had paused it on my Apple TV. Think about that for a moment […] That is two syncing levels deep: Apple TV -to- Mac Book Air and then Mac Book Air -to- iPhone. Granted, is that complicated to program? No. Is it necessary? No, absolutely not. But my experience is greatly enhanced.
I think that is what Apple is about: innovation. Let me qualify that: simple, useful, innovation. I recommend each of these products to even the most novice of users. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I’ll document some of my findings, accolades and even the few frustrations here and there.

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