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Neat things I have discovered in the last 2 weeks.

May 13, 2008 by · 12 Comments 

Apparently somebody thought that this Xbox was a good representative for all Xbox 360s: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360Image via WikipediaXbox 360 Apple TV: While playing with my Xbox 360 (after reading some blogs about it), I plugged in my computer’s external hard drive containing my media library into the frontal USB port not expecting much. I then went to the media tab and went to movies. The blue button (x) said: change source, so I selected the now visible external drive, and then I had my entire media library show up on my Dashboard. All movies (except those purchased via iTunes) were visible. I need to set up two iTunes libraries now, though, because browsing to the movies directory within music is a pain, but the concept works and is far better than plugging in my laptop. Too bad about the Xbox 360 fans which blow pretty loud.

Muxtape: It has been in a news for a little while. It is essentially a place where you can make a virtual mix tape. Yup, like the one you gave your high school sweetheart (if you’re from my generation). The joke is probably lost on those much younger, but regardless, the site is so simple to use that is is cool in its simplicity. I will say no more. Check it out.

Free HD TV: Having come from the USA, I’m still not used to having to pay for a TV license in the UK just for having a TV in the house whether I watch it or not. On top of that I have my cable bill to pay. However, in the UK you do have free TV channels that are quite quality and thus you can buy into free services like Freeview, which involves merely buying a set top box, but the monthly channels are free. However, I didn’t expect there to be an HD (high definition) version of free TV, but sure enough there is. It is called FreeSat. Don’t know if I’ll switch just yet, but hey, free HD tv? Now if they only included the beer….

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