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Army of Two, Conflict Denied Ops, and why I love Rainbow Six

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Bond holding the silenced PP7 in the Bunker level. The red bar indicates that the player took a hit.Image via WikipediaI’ve hit a roadblock with FPS games on my Xbox 360. As you all know, I prefer FPS games that I can play split screen with my brother-in-arms (law), but there just haven’t been any decent releases ever since Rainbow Six 1 (other than part 2).

I’ve tried games such as Conflict Denied Ops, which I ended up selling because the feel of it was too silly and the AI of the enemies was totally non-sensical. Sniper shots were not good at all (underpowered or headshots didn’t mean anything)!

Army of Two is fun, but with limitations that make it feel more of a cartoonish version of what it could have been. The aggro system is a step in the right direction, but players need a cover system that works better and I want to be able to pick up enemy weapons and ammo from the ground and not just via ammo boosts from weird packages on the ground.

Rainbow Six 2 really just raised the bar too high to support people buying games that are second rate. Games now need to have AI that is credible, enemies that flank you, headshots that actually take someone down, not just push them. A cover system that actually reflects real human movement and not some sorts of silly peekaboo game. You must be able to pick up weapons from fallen comrades or enemies, and you must be able to wound enemies by shooting at their arm/limbs that are sticking out behind cover. Rainbow Six 2 assumes you are smart and that your enemies are too. You just can’t go back to silly FPS after playing with all these features.

I’m waiting.. really.. waiting for the next split screen game that will take the title away from Rainbow Six.. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long.

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