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Lost Planet – A classic, but amazing Xbox 360 Game

June 22, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

Wayne opens fire on enemies.Image via WikipediaI recently hit a low point in Xbox 360 Games. Rainbow Six‘s (1&2)maps are getting old, and my other games hardly captivate my imagination… so I decided to go out and search the ‘classics’ section of the game store to see if there was something that captured my fancy.

Lost Planet, specifically, Lost Planet Colonies Edition, was that game. Lost Planet has re-inspired me. Although it is not split screen coop like I like them to be, the story, the detail, the scenes, and the enemies really make up for its selfish non-coop nature.

The story is a little quirky and japanime in style, but essentially it is about a planet that was deserted a while back due to an alien infestation. These aliens, known as the Akrid, are also the source of energy which humans need to use to subsist in the planet’s environment. In order to return to the planet after they left the first time, the humans created robot walkers (mechs) that carry some heavy weaponry. Upon returning, you follow the story of one guy through different aspects of his battle in the planet against both the Akrid and human pirates that remained from the first colonization effort.

Lost Planet feels like something out of the Empire Strikes Back Hoth Planet scenes. There are some beautiful landscapes here, only bested by Halo 3‘s. The monsters are great looking too, and  the aim of weapons actually works (as opposed to other recent games I’ve played). The controls are a bit annoying in that they don’t abide by the standard config we are getting used to now (x for reloading your weapon, for example), but you’ll pick them up quick. However, what I’m trying to capture here is not the technical merits of the game, but the feeling.

This game makes you feel like you’re in a movie. The music brings you into it. The landscapes, transitions, and cinematics make you feel like you’re interacting with a evolving plot. It is sci-fi gaming as it should be. At the bargain prices you can get it these days, it is a must. Go get one. Now.

ps. I have not tried the online multiplayer yet, nor have I finished it, but will update when I do.

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