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Nokia Email Service – Watch out RIM!

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Yesterday Nokia launched the beta of their email service.

Essentially, it is the push email service that blackberry offers the average non-corporate consumer, known as BIS or BIE (Blackberry Internet Service / Blackberry Interent Email).

This service is legendary for easy setup, as all you have to do is go to a website and type in your email address and password and the network figures the rest out.

It is upon this service that Blackberry has built their consumer empire on, the other service, the corporate service, requires someone to have a Blackberry Server within their network.

I’m assuming it won’t be long before Nokia offers the bundle to carriers much like BB does today. Buy a device; get the push email service included as part of your tariff.

Between Apple offering their MobileMe service and now Nokia doing sort of the same (without the calendar and address book synch), BB should sweat a little more in the States than it has in the past. I wouldn’t doubt it if this move helped Nokia get more needed market share in the USA where it is sorely behind RIM.

BTW, I did try the service, and it seems to work pretty well, but the mailbox and application are separate from the native mail client. It feels fast, but it is separate, I hope Nokia does something to make the whole process more ‘native’ feeling. I also use the blackberry connect client on my Nokia, for example, and it is far more integrated with the native mail client (for good and for bad). Oh, and as for HTML email, I don’t think it has full capabilities. I sent myself an HTML email with some text highlighted in yellow and it didn’t show up, whereas on my iphone it did. Bummer.

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