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Apple TV Reborn thanks to Apple Core

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I recently wrote a review where I stated that I was unhappy with my Apple TV. The lags and the lack of codecs drove me crazy, for it essentially made my Apple TV into a storefront and not a full-fledged media player. I was left wanting more.

Yesterday I found an application that solved my problem without having to take apart the Apple TV and installing stuff manually. It is called Apple Core aTVFlash. It essentially creates a hack that is loaded onto a USB stick which you put into the USB slot of your Apple TV upon boot, and then it adds additional functionality to your Apple TV.

The additional functionality includes multi-codec support, FTP access, web browser, DVD file format playback support, and some less mainstream things like being able to play NES games. You can, after a subsequent hack after the patch is installed, also enable playback from a USB drive that is plugged in.

The application costs $50, but it just made my Apple TV actually useful without running the risk of voiding my warranty (I can always just factory restore it). This is probably the simplest hack I’ve found while I was exploring other options.

To go to their website go here. However, I warn you, it isn’t entirely devoid of some technical knowledge, but it isn’t hard either.

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