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Updated pwned iPhone to 2.0.1

August 5, 2008 by · 17 Comments 

iPhone Comparison Image by ீ ๑ Adam via Flickr

Last night Apple release version 2.0.1 of the iPhone firmware. However, the pwnage tool does not support this firmware version (it won’t load it), so therefore your options are:

1) Wait till the weekend until the dev team come up with a new version to load the 2.0.1 firmware
2) Take the risk of updating the phone via iTunes directly

I took #2.

If you have pwned your phone with the pwnage tool in the past, it unlocks your baseband. Therefore, what this means is that the iTunes software update does not ‘mess’ with it, nor does it ask for phone re-activation.

I got lucky.

I did, however, lose Cydia installer and any apps I had installed via that method.

On the plus side, things do seem to work faster, BUT the google maps bug is still present, where you can’t locate yourself on EDGE on the 2G iphone. UGH!

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