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Online To Do Applications, How do you use them?

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Since the launch of the iPhone App Store, I have gone into download overdrive. I think I’ve tried all the applications at this point (ok, slight exaggeration). Too many to review all, that’s for sure.

A recent find was the To Do application (the paid one). I was thinking about getting it because a colleague of mine was raving about it, but I wasn’t sure about whether or not it would fit my needs. This post is not about this application, because I never ended up downloading it. However, it got me started trying out the two main Internet To Do applications out there:

Remember the Milk



Now, both these apps allow you to do the basic and most obvious thing: Type your to do list.
However, what they offer on top of that, is the ability to add sub tasks, prioritization, organization, sharing, and synchronization with other services (like Google Calendar, for example).

I tried both, and this post isn’t exhaustive enough to suggest one for you, it is more about my thoughts on the whole need for this category in general.

I currently use iCal synchronizing with Google Calendar via Busysync, for example. I can add things on the web via mobile me as well, or via Google Calendar. If I have a to do, I can add it to the calendar. All to do’s are inherently items that will take place at a given day and time. Some people like having an aggregated list, and others like having them on the calendar, but with the ability to have separate calendars for any activity you do now, you can have both.

For example, if I create a calendar called To Do’s. I can sort these in iCal or in the iPhone as a list of items and their respective dates. It’ll essentially look the same as a To Do list, without the hassle of using yet another service that you may abandon or have technical issues with. I can even share this calendar if I want with others!

Maybe I’m not seeing it… What is your take on online To Do lists? What do they do for you that calendaring does not?

How do you use To Do lists?

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