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If Steve Jobs were President

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– We’d all wear white, or pay extra tax to wear black (macbook).

– We’d only be allowed to use one utility company for everything (AT&T).

– Sending Postcards (MMS) would be made illegal.

– An alternative postal service (jailbreaking) that sent postcards would render your citizenship void.

– All hollywood footage would be static (no video).

– Your housing would crack (cube + nano).

– You’d have one hand chopped off, but given another opposable thumb (one button mouse).

– Everyone would get excited when the President spoke, and talk about everything he said afterwards.

– Everyone that was not a citizen would want to be one, but would complain about the cost of living.

– All the stuff you bought for your old house, would not move to the new house issued by the government (iPhone 3G accessories).

– You would only be allowed to buy your groceries from a state owned supermarket (itunes).

But boy.. would things look good!

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