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Let’s talk about Video Games!

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So I don’t have the time to write a bunch of reviews. I figured I would lump all my thoughts into one post. I’ve been playing a lot more video games in the last few months. I’ll talk about a few of them. These aren’t full reviews, just quick blurbs on each.

The RockBand Franchise
It all starts with RockBand and RockBand 2. All i’m going to say is, if you have an Xbox 360 or a PS3, and you don’t have RockBand or RockBand 2 I hope your console melts down. Sorry. It’s that simple. RockBand is one of, if not the best, multiplayer games out there. No there’s no gore, there are no guns, there is no “strategy,” it’s just raw, ridiculous family fun. That does not mean it’s easy, it can be extremely challenging and there are several features for expert players that can make the games loads of additional fun (i.e. drum pathing). Go out and get it, for you, for your kids, for your friends, whatever, just get it and have a party. Now you can’t even use the excuse that you don’t like rock, RockBand 2 is going to have a total of 500 songs by the end of this year! 500 songs! There’s alternative, rock, punk, metal, and more. What are you still doing sitting there reading this? It’s not going anywhere… GO BUY ROCKBAND!

Star Wars: Force Unleashed
I’ve never been one for single player games. I’ve always enjoyed multiplayer games, don’t ask me why, something about collaboration gives me the warm fuzzies. But I walked into Game Stop a few weeks ago and saw the cover for this game, I instantly thought “if i can run around with a lightsaber, this should be fun.” Ohh, it was so much more than that! The storyline, the gameplay, the combos, the fighting, the lightsaber, the graphics, the force (OHH THE FORCE), EVERYTHING is just ridiculously awesome. I played through the entire game in a week and am now playing through it one more time. I don’t think I have ever seen the essence of the Star Wars franchise channeled so perfectly into a title. The Force in all its glory is perfectly captured in this game. You can use it to your advantage through the entire game, to fight, to protect yourself, to move objects, to open doors, everything. If you can think it, you can do it. I can’t say much more. Try it, you will be plesently surprised. No multiplayer does kind of suck, but you will be too wrapped up in learning how to use the force and figuring out lightsaber combos that you will forget you are playing by yourself. Go get this one too!

Ninja Gaiden II
Here I am again, playing a single player game. I admit the idea of being a ninja was what got me hooked. The game play here is freakishly similar to Force Unleashed. My first thought was that perhaps they were built using the same engine. I mean you can give Ryu Hayabusa (the ninja) a lightsaber and he’ll look like Galen Malek (the main character from Force Unleashed). Anyway, that aside, NGII is also a great game. The combos, the cinematics, the weapons are all a lot of fun. This game is gorey, WAY too gorey. I’m sorry, I don’t care for flying limbs and shooting blood. Everytime you hit an enemy they bleed out, but they still keep coming at you until you completely decimate them with an even gore-er killing move. That said, it’s still a lot of fun! The store line was a bit difficult for me to understand, or to even care about. I was too busy learning how to block and fight. There’s no just pushing buttons in this game, there is too much coordination necessary to perfectly execute combos, hits and just survival in general. One negative thing I can say that bugged me is the camera angle/view. Although it was customizable I was way too busy fighting to figure out how to change it or customize it to my liking. Nonetheless, I do feel that many times I lost a fight because the angle was too far or I “lost” my ninja character on screen. Yes I know that sounds ridiculous, but there are some battles where you are fighting so many foes that it can get overwhelming. Do I recommend this? I don’t know. It’s fun, addicting, I like it, but I think the gore is just too much. I wouldn’t let my kid play this.

Gears of War 2
Back on the multiplayer side I recently picked up Gears of War 2. I can’t quite get the storyline, perhaps because I didn’t play the first? Not sure. Maybe its because I’m too busy plowing down enemies with my Lancer Chainsaw! Yea I’m sorry, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at that development meeting, “Ok guys we need to figure out how to be different with this FPS, what can we do to entice the masses?” Some guy in the back, “How about replacing the bayonet on a machine gun with a chainsaw!?” I’m sure all the guys in the room passed out from the euphoria of just their imaginations! Anyway, back to the game. The gameplay is nice, the camera angle is perfect and the weapons selection is superb. The most important thing in the game: COVER. You have to use the environment to your advantage. You won’t survive more than a few SECONDS if you are without cover. You even have the ability to pickup downed enemies and use them as shields. Very interesting, I didn’t actually do this too much. I’m the sniper type, I like to shoot precise bullets from afar. There are of course, some ridiculous battles in this game, giant worms and sea creatures that must be fought, I hope I’m not spoiling it for anyone. I played a short round of multiplayer with a friend. That was fun, there are a great deal of maps to choose from. I’ll probably jump on XBox Live one of these days to play. One feature that I like about this game: you can turn the bloody gore off (pun intended). Look I don’t mind mowing down enemies with a chainsaw, but I do care about the ridiculous blood and spurts and limbs, not necessary (its the little bit of conscience that i have left). So I do recommend this one.

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