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Xbox 360: Dead Space boredom, Left4Dead Redemption

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Isaac battles a Necromorph

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This is a shorty post, but just wanted to talk about two games that I’ve been playing.

Dead Space and the Demo for Left4Dead.

Let me begin by talking about Left4Dead. It is like playing zombie killer in a bad zombie movie.. but fun. Really fun. You don’t have the cover system or any of the sophisticamated stuff of other FPS games, but playing with others in a bad B movie to kill zombies is just.. well.. fun. Can’t describe it, but particularly when your team jells well, it feels pretty bubble gummy ish. Mind you, I’ve played the demo twice, and well, I’ll get the game to see if that fun continues beyond a few sessions, but so far, this is one of the few demos that I’ve enjoyed enough to want to play more.

Now, as for the other game, Dead Space, I was sorely dissapointed. Maybe it is a genre thing you have to like. It has received enough awards that I feel I should like it, and in all fairness, the cinematics and plot seem to be cool, but trumping around halways at what feels like half speed only to be able to either shoot, stomp, or swing my big fat arm.. feels, well, slow. This game is probably going to get the least amount of Carlos time ever. I just get bored by the repetitiveness of the enemies, the lack of ways for me to fight, and for the long ‘walks’ between excitement points. The scenes are ‘scare inspiring’, but if I want cheap thrills, I’ll just watch ‘Snakes on a Plane‘ or something.

So, I guess, I have a few games to try out over the holidays, COD5, GoW2, L4D, and perhaps a few more. We’ll see how we do. Will keep everyone posted. In the meantime, I still need to beat the other factions in my other current game, End War. Great game.

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