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Disappointed with Call of Duty 5: More of the Same

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Call of Duty 4 was the masterpiece for the franchise. Not only did it sell ridiculously well, but it moved away from the WWII low tech warfare and opened up the amount of cool things that could happen on the battlefield. Helicopters, weapons, longer range weapons etc.

Call of Duty 5, therefore, should have been 4 ++. It should have been something more. Something better.

However, so far, all I’ve seen is more of the same, but in the Pacific side of the COD 3. Same types of guns, single loaders that are old school, and same feeling of slowness of COD 3.

I played on Xbox Live and for those that were killing experts in COD 4, this will be old school for you. Little has changed, and I’m still getting killed like I used to in COD 4… arg.


Update: The campaign played in Co-op mode is obviously nicer than COD4, and is incredibly fun to play with a friend, but also, I forgot to mention that Jack Bauer is in charge (his voice).

<rant ++>

Update 2: I just spent 4 hours playing with my brother in arms and the stupid game did not remember our achievements even after having saved and quit. Only the first three levels are available to play!!!! ARGH!!!

This game is just intolerable. So much promise, but so much stuff that is just recycled from Call of Duty 3.
These dumb guns are annoying too… you are given single shot loaders that require you to lose your aim while reloading.. in the day of fully auto hand guns, this just is painful to use… painful. I’d rather use the sidearm than deal with what you are issued.


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