Friday, May 20, 2022

Mobile Location Based Services

Chromewalker's Cardinal Points

Chromewalker's Cardinal Points

I’m passionate about how mobile technology is increasingly allowing us to share where we are with people and services. This sharing of location not only allows us to change paradigms of social interaction, but also to expect greater relevance from the services we use. In time, I believe, reverting to a pre-location aware service or device, will seem as backwards as going back to the time before SMS.

Below are a series of posts I’ve written on location based services. I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to give me your feedback.

Location Based Services Part 1: The iPhone 3G experience

Location Based Services Part 2: Privacy Concerns & Other Hurdles to Adoption

Location Based Services Part 3: Chromewalker’s Four Cardinal Points of Location

Location Based Services Part 4: Location Enabling All Phone Applications

Location Based Services Part 5: Where are Location services going?

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