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Heart Rate Training

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For as much as heart rate monitors can help you improve your fitness, there is surprisingly little information about them on the web and even fewer ‘in depth’ reviews. Hence, I have taken it upon myself to do just that to help those starting off their cardio training.

Whilst there are many different types of heart rate monitors ranging from the most basic to those with GPS mapping capabilities they can all be helpful as part of a structured training program. Depending on what kind of sport you do and how tech-saavy you are, you may find some to be far more rewarding to use than others.

As a set of general recommendations from my varied reviews below, I find that the Suunto devices are the best for athletes training autonomously, the Polar devices for training one sport at a time and with a structured program to input via a PC, and the Garmin 705 as the one worth getting for touring, exploring, or using power on a bike. They all work great and I frankly have chosen this subset of devices to review because I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. I do recommend you read the reviews in detail before going with one though, as they all have pros and cons. As with all tech products though, check to see which is the latest version before you go out an buy one as reviews can age.

Below is the list of my heart rate monitor reviews (In no particular order):

Garmin EDGE 705 Review
Garmin 50 Review
Suunto T1C Review
Suunto T4C Review
Suunto T6C Review
Polar RS400 Review
Polar RS800CX PTE Review Part 1
Polar RS800CX PTE Review Part 2 (The Software)

Below is the list of my heart rate monitor accessory reviews:

For the Suunto T1c/T3c/T4c:  Zagg Invisible Shield Review
For all Suunto devices: Suunto Road Bike Pod Review
For Suunto device data transfer and for a computer to read your heart rate directly: Suunto PC Pod Review

Below is the list of my training tool & services reviews:

FirstBeat Athlete Software
University of Westminster VO2Max & HRMax testing
Personal Cycle Coaching Review

If you are new to training with heart rate monitors, and for information on training with heart rate zones, go to one of these sites:

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