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About Chromewalker


— Mission —

Chromewalker is about technology; about keeping up with the latest in hardware, software, gadgets, mobile communication devices, and startups. Our articles, reviews, links, and even our banter set out to bring you the most important and amusing topics in technology today and hopefully guide you in understanding how these relate to your life.

Twitter: @chromewalker is a Briar Media publication.

— Chromewalker History —

Chromewalker V1.0 – CW1 was born on April 14th, 2000. It started as a joke amongst friends, and after exactly a month of its original joke content, marked the beginning of gadget reviews.

Chromewalker V2.0 – V3.0 – Little is remembered about these versions of Chromewalker. Various different logos were considered, and the page had a very static feel to it. The main logo was a series of cubes falling down.

Chromewalker V4.0 – The CW logo as we know it today was born during the CW4 era (2003-2004). CW4 was the last self-hosted version of Chromewalker, before the the site was migrated to managed hosting.

Chromewalker v5.0 – CW5 was born in New York around late 2004. It was designed by my friends in SK Visual who did an amazing job with the graphics. CW5 continues to live as a repository of old links and reviews, but is no longer actively updated.

Chromewalker v6.0 – Launched in early November 2006, CW6 originally started as a Pivotlog weblog, but soon was migrated to a WordPress-based blog in order to have some of the benefits of a database driven site. New categories and better organization marked the shift from static form website (CW V1-5) to the current blog form.

Chromewalker v6.1 – Launched in January 2010, CW6.1 is merely an aesthetic evolution of CW6 to celebrate a decade of work.

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