Friday, May 20, 2022

The Team


— The Chromewalker Team —

Carlos Eduardo – Editor-in-Jefe

Based in London, Carlos has had an unhealthy obsession with reviewing and documenting mobile gadgetry since 1998. When he’s not busy looking at cool tech startup companies for investment or cycling (, he’s playing with the latest tech gadgets, games, services, and software he can get a hold of. His favorite toys of all time include the Nokia 8890 (Vertu 1.0), the Ericsson T39 & R520m, the Nokia E90, Red Hat Linux (pre-Fedora), the Garmin GPS watch line (any of them), and of course, Apple products.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email editor [at] chromewalker [dot] com
Twitter: @ceduardo

Aaron Binkley – Head Architect & Environmental Awareness Guru

Based in San Francisco and with a background in Architecture, Aaron is the sensitive type; sensitive to the aesthetics, fit, feel, and common sense functionality of gadgets. Known to be impatient, Aaron defers complex configuration efforts to Carlos, looking instead for irony in new and not-new devices alike. When gadgets just aren’t enough to review, Aaron also wear-tests sporting goods for a large athletic apparel company.

— Chromewalker Alumni —

Ralph Jaquez- Head New Yorker & Linux Guru

New York City is Ralph’s home and playground. Ralph’s highs come from Linux and bleeding-edge hardware. He is on an eternal crusade searching for the perfect convergence device. That one gadget that can do it all. Fortunately, he is currently on leave from this fruitless crusade and has declared it temporarily impossible. All his efforts are currently aimed at compiling the Gentoo Linux kernel on his toaster oven. He has successfully compiled Linux on an XBox, an iPod, a Playstation, a watch and a refrigerator… When asked “WHY?” Ralph simply responds: “Some see things that are and ask why? I see things that aren’t and ask why not…” His only non-electronic interest and hobby is American Football.

Nick Vigier- Head Contrarian

Based in New York City, Nick lives life on the edge (of his couch). He is the quintessential dork paradox: he enjoys Windows and anything CDMA, and don’t bother looking for Linux or Apple machines, or GSM devices in his closet (this is done on purpose to make Carlos’ head explode)! Nick is what one may term a “practical geek” who surrounds himself with technology he can use on a daily basis. He is also interested in security-related products due to an unhealthy dose of paranoia. In his free time he abuses youth hockey goaltenders, and faces pucks himself in mediocre adult leagues.