Friday, May 20, 2022

Xbox 360 Multiplayer

As much as playing 1st person shooters on the Xbox 360 by yourself is fun, playing with a friend can make it so much better. To that end, there are games that only support two players online, vs other offline… the whole thing is rather confusing frankly, and well, there once was a wiki that had it all, but that died. We tried to revive it, but thankfully someone had managed to save it, formatting and all.

So, for your viewing pleasure here are the Chromewalker articles with our material and the bottom link is the new wiki. Please feel free to let us know which are your favorite co-op games.

Chromewalker List of XBox 360 Games with Co-Op mode

Wiki of Multiplayer features in XBox 360 games

Wikipedia List of Multiplayer Games

For a list of games that I’ve played and recommend, check here (UK site).