Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Solid State Drive vs. Hard Drive in Therapy

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If you don’t see the above video, the link is: The unfortunate part of this video is that it doesn’t show the size of the SSD vs the HHD, nor the cost, nor the reduction in speed (in theory SSD is faster, but some tests that I read not too long ago didn’t make it […]

You liked my Funny post on Twitter? Well check out Flutter!

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Nothing like poking more fun at Twitter first thing in the morning. Introducing, Flutter! If you haven’t seen my post with the funny Twitter video, see that one first… via: Geeksugar

Why Southwest beats out my flights on BA

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If you can’t see the link, go here:

When Spock’s Pop-Up Blocker failed…

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Even Spock has embarrassing moments at work… [Not safe for work unless you have headphones on, PG13/R] Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Pon Farr Edition) from Darth Mojo on Vimeo.