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Potentially Expensive Bug on iPhone’s 4.0.2 firmware

Potentially Expensive Bug on iPhone’s 4.0.2 firmware

August 17, 2010 by · 78 Comments 

I’ve noticed a bug on my iPhone running 4.0.2 that could potentially end up being expensive… I have data roaming turned off and for the most part it works. However, when I fired up the Amazon Kindle app, it seemed to synchronize no problem (not sure if the Kindle app is at fault or if […]

Jason Calacanis Makes some very good points about Apple’s trajectory

August 11, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Image via CrunchBase On his blog,, Jason makes some very interesting points regarding Apple’s potential strategy; it’s an interesting read. follow the link below for the full posting. 2. Apple’s Master Plan (and why even fanboys should be scared) ========================== “What we’re seeing right now is the fight for the next desktop: the mobile […]

Google Location Favorites

Google Location Favorites

July 16, 2009 by · 39 Comments 

I recently logged into my Google account on my iPhone and noticed that it (the browser) was allowed access to check to see where my location was (I don’t remember this being possible in the 2.2.1 version of the OS). Then after it found my location, it allowed me to see “favourite places”. I clicked […]

CampTune Review: A solution to my Bootcamp partition size woes?

December 12, 2008 by · 8 Comments 

Image via Wikipedia I haven’t tried it yet… and it is in beta, so I have no idea how good or bad it is, but I did get a recommendation from a friend (Thanks St3f4n) who said it did work for him… Their description states: “Try the brand new Paragon CampTune™ for MAC OS […]

How to run Windows on your Mac on the cheap / Como usar Windows en tu Mac sin mucho gasto

March 31, 2008 by · 20 Comments 

Image from WikipediaSo you need Windows on your Mac, but you don’t want to shell out big bucks on a VMWare-type solution plus an expensive Windows install plus software? Well, here is my setup, should you want to replicate it. It is about as cheap as it gets. First, you will be using Bootcamp from […]