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First good preview of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

July 6, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Image via Wikipedia From IGN’s website Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Related articles by Zemanta Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for iPhone The Ultimate iPhone App: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Lost Planet – A classic, but amazing Xbox 360 Game

June 22, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

Image via WikipediaI recently hit a low point in Xbox 360 Games. Rainbow Six‘s (1&2)maps are getting old, and my other games hardly captivate my imagination… so I decided to go out and search the ‘classics’ section of the game store to see if there was something that captured my fancy. Lost Planet, specifically, Lost […]

Army of Two, Conflict Denied Ops, and why I love Rainbow Six

June 17, 2008 by · 9 Comments 

Image via WikipediaI’ve hit a roadblock with FPS games on my Xbox 360. As you all know, I prefer FPS games that I can play split screen with my brother-in-arms (law), but there just haven’t been any decent releases ever since Rainbow Six 1 (other than part 2). I’ve tried games such as Conflict Denied […]

Neat things I have discovered in the last 2 weeks.

May 13, 2008 by · 12 Comments 

Image via WikipediaXbox 360 Apple TV: While playing with my Xbox 360 (after reading some blogs about it), I plugged in my computer’s external hard drive containing my media library into the frontal USB port not expecting much. I then went to the media tab and went to movies. The blue button (x) said: change […]

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Xbox 360) Good, but feels like a minor upgrade

April 2, 2008 by · 7 Comments 

Image from WikipediaRainbow Six Vegas (1) was my favorite game of all time for the 360. What made it my favorite, even when pitting it against many other great games that came way after it (Halo 3, Gears of War, etc) were two things: It focused on strategic thinking and tactical action It has a […]

Thoughts on Army of Two [Xbox 360]

March 17, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

I’m always on the lookout for good Co-op games to play on the ‘Box’. So far, as many of you know, I’ve been enamored with Rainbow Six Vegas as the number one in this category, and with part 2 coming out soon, I’m ecstatic to see what will be new. To tie me over, I […]

Call of Duty 4 thoughts (Xbox 360)

November 11, 2007 by · 6 Comments 

After recently having finished Halo 3, I needed to focus on the next big ‘title’ of the year, Call of Duty 4. Conveniently, I finished Halo 3 a day before giving me ample time to get un-used to having a cover system from my very enjoyable days of playing Rainbow Six. It is probably a […]